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We’re giving the smoker a rest and hibernating for the winter, but look forward to seeing ya’ll in the spring, if not sooner. In the meantime, be sure to sing up for our mailing list (see below) to stay up to date on all things Mountain Song. We absolutely appreciate everyone’s patronage thus far - and we’ve got some big ideas on the the horizon, so stay safe everyone until we meet again! 

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Mountain Song is a labor of love and the brainchild of pitmaster Matthew Deaton. Matt’s soulful passion for barbecue has been a lifelong affair, and he has the resume to prove it. He’s spent much of his culinary career learning from some of the most respected forces in ‘cue, and values the relationships between the earth, animals, farmers, and chefs. Not one to hew toward a specific style, Matt has chosen instead to carve his path by celebrating the myriad regional flavors and techniques in pursuit of maximum smoky deliciousness. We invite you to join Matt and Mountain Song on what promises to be a mouthwatering journey. 


mountain song / sample menu


Half Pound Pulled Pork
Full Pound Pulled Pork

Half Rack & Full Rack Ribs
Half Pound Turkey 
Full Pound Turkey
Half Pound Prime Brisket
Full Pound Prime Brisket 
Mountain Song Pork Sandwich 

Ma’s Vinegar Slaw with Cumin & Citrus
BBQ Beans
Smoked Four Cheese Mac & Cheese
Potato Salad

Spicy Virginia Vinegar
Sweet with a Lil' Heat
MS Mustard Sauce

menu subject to change based on availability

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Mountain Song Background.jpg

We have big ideas and big plans for Mountain Song and hope you’ll join us for the ride. The best way to stay abreast is by joining our mailing list. Don’t worry, we won’t pelt your inbox with a bunch of needless messages, but we will let you know when we have something to say that we think you’ll like. Oh, and follow along on social, but of course. We’re just getting started on Instagram - and looking forward to having some fun @mountainsongbbq

Welcome To Team Mountain Song!